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Cabin Crew Licensing

Available dates

Course duration

6 & 7 weeks


Kempton Park


16 000 ZAR (6 wks)
17 500 ZAR (7 wks)

Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant Licensing

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Our Cabin Crew Licensing course covers all the training modules required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for the licensing of a Flight Attendant, also referred to as Air Hostess or Cabin Crew members. Our training exceeds regulatory requirements as we have a fully operational aircraft at our premises at Denel campus as well as at Alt. Pilot Training centre which allows learning to take place in a lifelike environment, enabling more frequent aircraft visits than legislation requires.  We are proud to announce that we boast a 99% success rate for licensing of Cabin Crew members.


We have been training Cabin Crew, Flight Attendants, and Air Hostesses for over 8 years, and each year hundreds of prospective crew pass through our school. Our courses take place over a 6 to 7-week period and we have approximately two courses commencing every month, which can be done full time or via a blended learning programme.


What will you learn?

The Cabin Crew Licensing course involves demanding and strenuous training which includes Fire Fighting, Emergency Evacuations, Aviation Medicine, Dangerous Goods, Decompression, Ditching, Survival, Security and many other modules.  This process takes an average of 6 weeks to complete and the purpose of this training is to prepare you to efficiently handle any situation which could occur on board an aircraft.

Our training modules are more comprehensive than is required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).


Modules include

  • General SEPT (Initial, Refresher and Exam)
  • Theoretical and Practical modules relating to Aviation Medicine
  • Theoretical Safety policies and procedures
  • Aircraft type training
  • Air Law
  • Practical Emergency Procedures include: Use of Emergency and survival equipment, Ditching and Survival Training, Live Fire Fighting, Evacuation from an aircraft
  • Practical and Theoretical Aircraft Type Training
  • Security
  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods by air
  • Crew Resource Management


Who should attend?

Individuals seeking an exciting career as an airline Cabin Crew member


Entry requirements

  • A Class 4 medical certificate – The medical is required when we apply for your Cabin Crew member’s License with the South African Aviation Authority (SACAA). 
  • Minimum of 18 years of age at the time of writing the South African Aviation Authority (SACAA) examination – or older
  • Proficiency in English


A Grade 12 or NQF Level 4 certificate is not required for the Cabin Crew Licensing course, however it is normally a minimum requirement when airline operators advertise for Cabin Crew positions.


Medical Assessment

A Front view chest X-ray for initial Cabin Crew members is required prior to making a booking with an aviation medical examiner, as this X-ray forms part of the medical assessment. Burger radiologists at Arwyp clinic in Kempton Park charges our learners R330* for this X-ray.  You are not required to make a booking when undertaking this X-ray as the radiologists work on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have had your chest X-ray taken you need to make an appointment with an Aviation doctor.  The chest X-ray MUST be taken with to the Aviation doctor in order to get your medical certificate.


Should you be having your medical in Midrand, you can also have your X-ray done at the X-Ray Department, Room 6, Health Emporium, Corner Church and Market Streets, Halfway House, Midrand. Their cost for the X-ray is R400* and their telephone number is 011 312 3942/78.


The Doctors listed below offer special rates to our learners:


Dr K Ingham

Pine avenue, Arwyp Main entrance, the Specialists’ rooms on the 1st Floor, Arwyp Hospital, Kempton Park and Central – Aerospace Medicine, 49 New Road, Grand Central, Midrand. Telephone number: 011 315 5817, R700* (Please note that Dr Ingham is only available in Kempton Park on Mondays)

Dr Kotze and Dr Opperman

1019 Saxby Avenue, Eldoraigne, Centurion, Telephone Number: 012 492 5661, 087 086 3415, Aviation medical costs, excluding X-ray -R750*. Opening hours Monday – Friday 07:30 – 19h00 and Saturday 08:00 – 13:00.

Dr Erasmus

No.5 Ninth Avenue, Northmead, Benoni. Telephone number: 011 849 6512, R700*

Dr. Sishaba/ Dr L. Maneli

265 Zircon Street, Lyttleton Manor, Centurion: 071 929 0275, Email , R650*

Dr Tenzer

The Faraday Medical Centre, 207 Eloff Street Ext. Selby, Johannesburg, 083 679 0777 or 011 493 3333, R900*

Dr B Masimbe

12 Sunningdale Drive, Helenva, Harare, Zimbabwe. Email address: 0263-473-363 or 0263-7126-1415. Approximately 50US$


For a list of South African Civil Aviation (SACAA) accredited medical examiners, please refer to their website: aviation medicine-regular or senior aviation medical examiners list. This site lists the accredited Doctors in South Africa, you can check which Doctor is closest to you. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule, as you will be required to complete documentation prior to seeing the Doctor. 


Please note that rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Upon completion of the Cabin Crew Licensing course and/or Passenger Ground Handling course, you will have the option to complete our one week Personal and Career Development Course.


This exciting course has been developed with the aim of empowering you with the skills to build a thriving career in the travel and aviation workplace.


Personal development and empowerment focuses on developing the confidence and strength of individuals, to set realistic goals and reach one’s full potential. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and a range of skills that are used in everyday situations, but all too often people remain unaware of, or undervalue, their true abilities.



7-week licensing course including the 1 week Personal & Career Development course
Total cost: R17 500, broken down as per below
Registration fee: R1 000 (to secure one’s spot, owing to the high demand for this course)


  • R8 250 prior to the course commencing
  • R8 250, payable 4 weeks later


6-week course excluding the 1 week Personal & Career Development course
Total cost: R16 000, broken down as per belowRegistration fee: R1 000 (to secure one’s spot, owing to the high demand for this course)


  • R7 500 prior to the course commencing
  • R7 500, payable 4 weeks later


Alt. Academy
+27 11 395 3630/
+27 11 973 0009/
+27 72 149 5997
Denel North Gate, Building R2 1st Floor, 3 – 8 Atlas Road
Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, 1619
South Africa

Add Personal and Career Development Training for an additional R1 500 when attending Cabin Crew Licensing training.

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Flight Instructor Team

The team
With over 70 years of airline experience, our specialised team can provide you with world renowned quality training ranging from ground training facilitators to flight instructors.
Our training team is led by Captain Glen Warden and Captain Paul Dore who ensure that a seamless and professional training experience is provided to all our clients. Together they lead a dynamic team of highly trained instructors who are all active pilots at the forefront of airline operations.

Our Team of Fight Instructors boasts more than:

60 000 Hours on Boeing 737’s

10 000 Hours of flight training on modern narrow bodied aircraft

70 Years of Airline experience

Captain Paul Dore

External Training Manager
In an industry where hours matter, Paul Dore has more than put in his time. Over the years he has accumulated 18 000 accident-free hours of which 7 000 were on helicopters and 6 000 are as a flight instructor. Aside from experience, Paul has an innate instinct for flight and training that we have come to rely on at Alt. Pilot Training.
Paul has been involved in the Aviation industry since 1975. After starting in the military – a tough and thorough training ground – he progressed through Corporate Aviation industry to the Airlines. He has been actively involved with flying training since 1980 on both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He attained Designated Examiner status with the SACAA in 1992.

Captain Glen Warden

Manager of Commercial Operations
Captain Glen Warden, Manager of Commercial Operations, understands first-hand the demands of a career in aviation. In an industry that is high-octane and where the stakes are high, he brings a lifetime of experience, savvy and innovative solutions to the team at Alt. Pilot Training.
Glen has been in the industry for over 40 years, with over 30 years as advanced instructor both in the South African Air Force, and the civilian aviation sector. Having studied at Universities of Stellenbosch Business School, Newport (California), Dallas Fort Worth, he has wide commercial business experience in providing innovative, value-add training solutions.

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