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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector remains one of the largest and most dynamic industries in today’s global economy. Travel and tourism, with its immense social and economic value continues to improve the lives of millions of people in South Africa, on the African continent, and around the world.

Working behind a desk or a computer screen all day isn’t for everyone.  For those who aspire to travel and work in the tourism sector, being confined to an office cubicle can be a daunting prospect.  If you find yourself looking for an exciting and dynamic opportunity, why not consider exploring a career that aligns with your ambitions and passions?

If you think back to the last holiday you took, what were the highlights you remember? The luxurious hotel room you were checked into with a view of the sea? What about the excursions that were meticulously planned for you? Think back to the excellent service and mouth-watering food you were served at the resort hotel. There are many people behind the scenes who make things happen so that you can enjoy your holiday, from the travel agent who booked your flights and accommodation, to the travel guide who showed you around the local hot spots. The field of travel, tourism and hospitality presents you with a wide range of exciting career opportunities to choose from. If you enjoy travelling, meeting new people, working closely with others and performing a wide variety of tasks, then a career in travel and tourism might be the perfect match for you.

The tourism, travel and hospitality industry is a service-driven industry which focuses on providing pleasant and enjoyable experiences to guests and tourists.  It is interdisciplinary in nature and incorporates elements of events planning, marketing, finance, management, business administration, customer services and PR.

A career in travel and tourism can be both exciting and fulfilling.  Some of the key elements of a career in the industry include:  working in partnership with many different types of people or cultures whilst placing a strong focus on customer service and customer satisfaction, working flexible hours and developing one’s ability to adapt to a constantly changing work environment, taking responsibility for an expansive variety of tasks and activities and having access to opportunities to travel and work both locally and abroad. 

Over 200 million people work in the travel and tourist industry worldwide.  Travel and tourism training is engineered to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge to maximise career opportunities and subsequently excel in this rapidly expanding sphere.  The number of jobs in the South African travel and tourism sector maintains a steady rise and despite the challenging global economic climate, our local tourism industry continues to boom.

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Flight Instructor Team

The team
With over 70 years of airline experience, our specialised team can provide you with world renowned quality training ranging from ground training facilitators to flight instructors.
Our training team is led by Captain Glen Warden and Captain Paul Dore who ensure that a seamless and professional training experience is provided to all our clients. Together they lead a dynamic team of highly trained instructors who are all active pilots at the forefront of airline operations.

Our Team of Fight Instructors boasts more than:

60 000 Hours on Boeing 737’s

10 000 Hours of flight training on modern narrow bodied aircraft

70 Years of Airline experience

Captain Paul Dore

External Training Manager
In an industry where hours matter, Paul Dore has more than put in his time. Over the years he has accumulated 18 000 accident-free hours of which 7 000 were on helicopters and 6 000 are as a flight instructor. Aside from experience, Paul has an innate instinct for flight and training that we have come to rely on at Alt. Pilot Training.
Paul has been involved in the Aviation industry since 1975. After starting in the military – a tough and thorough training ground – he progressed through Corporate Aviation industry to the Airlines. He has been actively involved with flying training since 1980 on both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He attained Designated Examiner status with the SACAA in 1992.

Captain Glen Warden

Manager of Commercial Operations
Captain Glen Warden, Manager of Commercial Operations, understands first-hand the demands of a career in aviation. In an industry that is high-octane and where the stakes are high, he brings a lifetime of experience, savvy and innovative solutions to the team at Alt. Pilot Training.
Glen has been in the industry for over 40 years, with over 30 years as advanced instructor both in the South African Air Force, and the civilian aviation sector. Having studied at Universities of Stellenbosch Business School, Newport (California), Dallas Fort Worth, he has wide commercial business experience in providing innovative, value-add training solutions.

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